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Capturing memories of the most loveable pooches in Cheshire.


I totally get it.  Your dog means the world to you.  And more.  You get excited driving home knowing how they will greet you at the door.  They know exactly when you need an extra cuddle.  They hang on every word that you say and totally understand what you are saying.  They have been there through thick and thin and never left your side. 


So what better way of celebrating your love for your four-legged friend than having a stunning fine art portrait of them to hang on the wall.


I create stunning portraits of dogs for the people who love them the most.

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All dogs are super cute but YOU just happen to have the cutest one of them all.   Having a beautiful portrait of your dog hanging on the wall is the most amazing way to ensure that your dog is immortalised and remembered for years to come.

So whether your pooch is shy and reserved, crazy and boisterous or a mixture of everything, let's capture that magic, for you to treasure for a life.

We are going to be the perfect fit if

  • You are a pet parent and you refer to your dog as your child.

  • You celebrate your dogs birthday with cake and's a must

  • You'd sooner let your pooch sleep on your lap than move him to nip to the loo.

Sound like you? Perfect!  I think we just became best friends?